Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Do you want to improve your health but you don’t know how? Have you tried different ways to reach your health goals but you didn’t succeed or fell back into old habits? Through individual coaching sessions I can help you break this vicious circle.

Reach your goals with the aid of a health coach by booking coaching sessions or an informational session.

Coaching sessions

You can book several appointments (usually around 6-8) to start a coaching trajectory for guidance towards a healthier lifestyle. This trajectory exists of various stages where you learn how to reach and work on your goals independently.

It starts with an intake interview (1-1.5 hours), some consecutive coaching sessions (4-6 sessions of +-1 hour) and a follow up session (30min).

The following topics are examples of topics you can work on:

  • Quit smoking
  • Healthy weight loss
  • A healthier, leaner body
  • How to learn new skills (e.g. with burn-out)
  • Learn how to deal with setbacks
  • Get rid of a smartphone addiction
  • Get rid of a sugar-addiction
  • Move more (realistic movement-scheme)
  • Learn how to deal with/manage stress
  • Learn how to set boundaries (and communicate better)
  • Reach your specific health goal
  • Others…

Informational session

For some questions you don’t need to go through a complete coaching trajectory. An informational session of +-1 hour can be enough for this.

  • Which method of contraception suits me?
  • What should I take care of when starting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle?
  • Which options are available when I want to stop smoking?

The previous topics are only examples. However, I’m open for your specific topics.
You can book a free session of 15 min to find out which trajectory works the best for you.

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