As a health coach I provide workshops, adjusted to the target group and topic that you ask for. Interaction is key in these workshops. The workshops are accessible and focus both on broadening the knowledge and the skills of the target group.

For who?

Workshops can be given in schools, organizations,  businesses, associations, for private instances and more.
The workshops can be given in person or by weblecture/webinar.


  • Coping with stress (for employees, students, youth,…)
  • Healthy food pyramid
  • Vitality in retirement
  • Working from home and staying healthy
  • Sexual education for young adults (diseases, contraconception, sexuality)
  • Learn how to plan
  • Learning new skills (e.g. with burn-out)
  • Alcohol/drug prevention for young adults
  • Working with perfectionism
  • Strengthening your mental wellbeing
  • Set and achieve your health goals
  • Discovering your qualities and develop talents
  • Study choice for young adults
  • Sleep
  • Others

These are some examples but of course you can come up with your own proposals.

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